Marketers save operation cost and invest more in bidding real ads. Boost your marketing performance up to 80%.

Problems when advertise on Facebook

  • Require creativity

    Can be difficult in catching people
  • Target too broad audience

    Some campaigns might not reach target audience, resulting in money waste
  • Time and resource waste

    Manually running ads is time-consuming and less effective

Steps to do Facebook ads

Create Ads
Ads level: Content
  • Create as many ads as possible to evaluate which is the best ads at this time based on the price
  • Different ads allow to identify the best creatives and banners at one point of time
  • The best is evaluated by the price.
Create many ads at the same time
  • Many ads x many targeting = a thousand samples of ads/targeting
Adset level: Targeting
  • Find the best target audience A/B testing Create many adsets in a campaign:
  • Split Ad Set by ages Ad Set 1: From A to B Ad Set 2: From C to D
  • Split Ad Set by locations Ad Set 1: Everyone in A Ad Set 2: Everyone in B. Split Ad Set by other criteria
  • High performanced Adset (low price, high conversion rate): increase budget
  • Low performanced Adset: pause or stop
Pre- define rule to manage the ads performance
  • Automatically increase the budget for high perfomanced ads
  • Pause or stop the low ones
  • After previous steps done, marketers findout which is the best ads matching with the best target audience to perform with the best price then they can re-use in the next campaigns.
Find out the right ROI
  • Using AdCoffee allows marketers to reduce the cost of managing ads to spend more on running and bidding.

AdCoffee also use artificial intelligence to boost your ads

  • Creativity suggestion: which content is the best

  • Predict the trend (increase or decrease) of the cost for ads

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