AdCoffee is a marketing
automation platform



Powerful Features of AdCoffee

Enable marketing automation

Create a thousand ads

AdCoffee allows marketer to create a thousand ads within few clicks and then auto split adset to test performance. Support all existing Facebook campaign types.

Creativity Suggestions

Suggest the most effective content: relevant text, suitalbe images or videos. AdCoffee helps marketer to create good content to convert leads to real customers.

Audience Suggestions

Marketers can re-use their in-house audience including name/email/mobile number. AdCoffee recommends targeted list and filters out to the best performanced one.

Predictive Optimization

AdCoffee pre-define rules to optimize ads. Allows marketers to auto manage campaigns with result-oriented objective including adjusting budget, switching start/pause

Business Intelligence

Our specific and visualized reports will help marketers to not only analyze campaign easily but also support carry-out strategic planning

Why Choose AdCoffee

Take the benefit right after using it

Cost continously improved

  • Pay for ads not for middle man

  • Remove media markup cost of ad-networks and resellers

Performance increased

  • Guaranty for increasing performance from 20% up to 50%

  • The more time using AdCoffee, the better effectiveness marketers achieve

Expertise gaining

  • Deep product knowleadge will be learned and improved when marketers trains AdCoffee

  • AdCoffee will use knowledge to serve back Marketers


  • React quickly and autonomously

  • Scale campaign quickly, react to market opportunities


  • Commit to spend within budget

  • Specific and smart analytic reports

  • 60M+

    Monthly API calls sent through AdCoffee
  • 150+

    Industry-leading companies choose AdCoffee
  • 300+

    Minutes saving daily by average AdCoffee user
  • 3M+

    Monthly conversions analyzed through AdCoffee

Customers love AdCoffee

Marketers, be relax to create new ideas. Let AdCoffee do the rest!

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